Christopher D. Cook
Author, award-winning journalist, consultant
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"I have worked with hundreds of journalists, and Chris is quite simply one of the very best… He has a keen sense of how economics and politics interact to shape the world we live in."
- Eric Bates, former executive editor, Rolling Stone 


Christopher D. Cook is an author and award-winning investigative journalist. His writing appears in Harper's, The Atlantic, the Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, The Economist, The Nation, The Christian Science Monitor, and many other national publications. He is the author of the acclaimed book, Diet for a Dead Planet: Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis, available in paperback.

Award-Winning Investigative Reporting

Christopher's articles have garnered national honors, including the Aronson Award, Project Censored Award, finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors Award, and two-time finalist for a Livingston Award.




Christopher's first book, Diet for a Dead Planet, was widely acclaimed by both mainstream and alternative media. Jim Hightower calls the book "a powerful and provocative indictment of the food industry."  Best-selling author Frances Moore Lappé writes, "Armed with Cook's compelling exposé, we don't have to be victims. We can choose life."

(Available in paperback from the New Press)

"stands in the classic American tradition of muckraking journalism...packed with information consumers need and policymakers should be acting on."
- The San Diego Union-Tribune

"A blistering polemic that details why American agriculture should be weaned from multi-billion dollar government subsidies that undermine Third World farmers, leaving them impoverished while Americans grow obese."  
                                    - The Baltimore Sun

To purchase: (also available at, Barnes & Noble and other major websites and bookstores. Please support your local independent bookstores whenever possible.)
















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