Christopher D. Cook
Author, award-winning journalist, consultant
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praise and reviews

Christopher has received numerous awards and widespread praise for his work from both colleagues and national media.

(partial list)

  • 2010 Explanatory Reporting Award, Society of Professional Journalists
  • 2001 Project Censored Award (No. 2 of top 10 most censored stories)
  • 2001 Finalist, Investigative Reporters and Editors Award
  • 1999 Aronson Award
  • Two-time Finalist for the Livingston Award (1999, 2000)


"Christopher Cook's career has been marked by the persistence and courage of his reporting as well as by the singularly humane empathy which informs his work.  From his memorable  reports on labor abuses to his current investigation into the corporate control of our diets, Cook is one of those rare writers whose personal commitment  matches the caliber of his journalism."
- Ross Gelbspan, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author of The Heat Is On

"Cook is a first-rate journalist.  He is one of the best, most thorough, and most consistent reporters I have seen in my nearly seven years at The Progressive... [He] repeatedly takes on important stories and gives them their due, with attentive, high-quality, intelligent journalism." 
- Anne-Marie Cusac,
The Progressive

"I have worked with hundreds of journalists, and Chris is quite simply one of the very best... He has a keen sense of how economics and politics interact to shape the world we live in." 
- Eric Bates, Rolling Stone 

Diet for a Dead Planet reviews

"Diet stands in the classic American tradition of muckraking journalism ...packed with information that consumers need and policy makers should be acting on."

- The San Diego Union-Tribune

"A blistering polemic that details why American agriculture should be weaned from multi-billion dollar government subsidies that undermine Third World farmers, leaving them impoverished while Americans grow obese." 
Baltimore Sun

"Christopher Cook lays out a far-reaching takedown of the American food industry, from factory farms to supermarkets to federal regulators."
Mother Jones

"explains with distaste exactly how, via free trade, a few megacompanies dominate the food industry from the seed to the supermarkets… Cook's horrifying exposé deserves to be as influential as Lappé's bestseller [Diet for a Small Planet]." 
Ode Magazine

"Diet for a Dead Planet provides the big picture, along with fascinating details, to motivate change before it's too late.  Armed with Cook's compelling exposé, we don't have to be victims.  We can choose life." 
- Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet 

"In this well-researched and hard-hitting book, [Cook] lifts the veil and reveals what you can do to bring food and agriculture back from the brink.  This book is a forceful reminder that food should be -- and can be -- a way of life, not a way of death, for communities, our bodies, and the planet." 
- John Robbins, Founder and Board Chair Emeritus, EarthSave International





















































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